Wang, Jingchun 王景春 (1882–1956)

 Person: id 282
Biographical Dictionary of Republican China (1967)Who's Who of American Returned Students (1917)Zhonghua gongchengshi xuehui huiyuanlu (1924)Who's Who in China (1936)
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Alternate name(s)
Wang, C. C.Wang, Zhaoxi王兆熙Wang Ching-ch'un
Birth date
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Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1900–1904: American Legation (Interpreter)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1904–1904: Beijing Industrial Institute (Secretary)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1908–1909: Chinese Students' Monthly (Editor-in-chief)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1909–1911: University of Illinois (Lecturer on oriental history and commerce)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1911–1912: Nanjing Republican Government (Foreign affairs secretary)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1912–1919: Beijing Ministry of Communications 北平交通部 (Acting chairman, Commission for the unification of accounts,Director, Department of railway finance and accounts,Controller general)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1912–1913: Beijing–Mukden/Beijing–Liaoning Railway 京奉鐵路/平奉鐵路/北寧鐵路 (Vice director)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1912–: Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外交部 (Senior counsellor)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1913–: Beijing–Hankou Railway 京漢鐵路/平漢鐵路 (Vice director)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1917–1919: Beijing–Hankou Railway 京漢鐵路/平漢鐵路 (Managing-director)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1917–: Beijing–Mukden/Beijing–Liaoning Railway 京奉鐵路/平奉鐵路/北寧鐵路 (Managing-director)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1919–1920: Chinese Eastern Railway 東清鐵路/中東鐵路 (Representative, Inter-Allied Technical Board,Deputy director general,Associate Director-General)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1919–1919: Chinese Delegation, Paris Peace Conference (Technical expert)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1921–1922: Chinese Delegation, International Telegraphic Conferences (Chinese delegate,Chief delegate)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1921–1921: Beijing Ministry of Communications 北平交通部 (Chief, Railway department)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1922–1924: Chinese Eastern Railway 東清鐵路/中東鐵路 (Director general,Chairman, Inter-Allied Technical Board)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1924–1927: Beijing Ministry of Communications 北平交通部 (Special adviser,Chief, postal department,Director general, postal services,Delegate, Sino-British Boxer Indemnity Commission,Director general, British Boxer Indemnity Advisory Committee)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1927–1927: Chinese delegation, Washington International Radio-telegraphic Conference (Chief delegate)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1928–1931: Chinese Educational Mission (Director)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1931–1949: Chinese Government Purchasing Commission (Director,Commissioner)Employment of Wang Jingchun, 1949–: Chinese Embassy (Special adviser on railways)
Professional Associations
Association of Chinese and American EngineersChinese Institute of Engineers 中華工程師學會
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Chinese Students' Alliance 留美學生會Chinese Students' MonthlyCosmopolitan Club IllinoisAmerican College ClubChinese Social and Political Science ReviewEuropean-American Returned Students' ClubYMCA